Daily Prompt

Unrequited Love:

When I met you I had no idea what would happen. It was an average day as I hauled the buckets up and down the stairs. You barely looked at me as you passed, so I ignored you in return. The next time I saw you though, was when I was being whipped and you intervened. You walked me to the kitchen where Amity cleaned my wounds. After that you smiled at me when you saw me. All of a sudden you didn’t seem so horrible. Then you spoke to me. Just little things here and there, but enough that I could see you actually cared. When I walked in on you one day, looking as though you were bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders, I realised things had changed. I think you did too. You looked at me, all brown eyes and stress, and you reached for me. I held you as you poured it out. After that we were closer, and I began to hope. I don’t know why. It never stood a chance, but as time went on a curl of hope unfurled in my chest. Then you came home from the ball with her on your arm. She is a beautiful inside as she is out, and you looked at her like she hung the moon. Things didn’t weigh as heavily on you after that. It got serious very quickly, and the hope withered. It hurt, but watching you fall in love made something in me smile. So watching you on your wedding day, a grin ear to ear, I took a deep breath and finally let you go.