Daily Writing

Hey everyone,

So I’m still terrible at publishing here, so I challenging myself. Everyday I am going to publish a short para/response to a writing prompt. All the prompts are from here. So here is the first one:

Outside the window

Stars stretched across the midnight sky. Tiny pinpricks of light that were inconsequential by themselves, but when viewed together, they produced a sight that counteracted the cold breeze meandering through the field. Her chest expanded, as though she was trying to breathe in the calmness. No clouds met her eyes as she continued to stare at the sky and the temperature continued to drop. The new moon left the area shrouded in darkness, creating both a sense of security and unease. Just as she hid in the dark, so could other things. Far more dangerous things that could use the darkness to their advantage.

As to the future of the blog, I’m on uni break so fingers crossed I’ll start updating regularly.

 Bea xx

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